Start where you are. It will never be perfect.

Do you want to know one major difference between someone who is successful and someone who isn’t? It has nothing to do with perfection or knowing it all. I has a lot to do with “action“.

I have personally spent hours, days, weeks and years; planning, dreaming and strategizing the perfect launch of a service or business idea. In truth, I’ve been procrastinating, waiting for everything to be perfect. It will never be perfect. If you believe in something and its worth doing, just start. Stop waiting for perfection and take “action” today.


  1. You don’t need to know everything. The quickest way to learn something is by doing it.
  2. Have clear objectives and limit your research. Find a mentor or someone to shadow doing what you want to do.
  3. Overcome fear. Everyone and I mean everyone was a beginner, no one starts at the top.
  4. Being uncomfortable is where you learn and grow. Get out of that comfort zone! Put yourself out there.
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others. There is only one you! No one will say yes to you until are ready to say yes to yourself.

The Rustic Rose website and shop aren’t ready, but we are launching it anyway. We are taking action now and starting before we are ready. So should you!